Order of the Lion of Styria


Apostolic Religious Order

As an Apostolic Order of Chivalry and a Third Order Religious, all men are "Brothers" and the Ladies are Lay Sisters. The chivalric grades are as follows:

Grand Cross

Dame Grand Cross (Ladies)
Grand Collar

Additionally, the Metropolitan Archbishop as Spiritual Grandmaster will vest the Secular Grandmaster, Deputy Secular Grandmasters, Deputy Spiritual Grandmasters, Secular Chancellor, Spiritual Chancellor, Spiritual Priors, Spiritual Grand Priors and members of the archdiocesan council.

The archdiocesan council is the Grand Council of the Sacred Magistery of the Archdiocese of Religious Military Orders of Chivalry. It also includes the Knights of God. There are 7 honorary officers of that counci:

  1. Grand Chancellor (Vacant)
  2. Bailif and Protector of the Orders (Sir David Tate, OLS);
  3. Marshal (Vacant);
  4. Prince Stan Brandenburg, KTGA, Deacon
  5. Sergeant; (Brother Armen Gharapetian, OLS, AGSB)
  6. Standard Bearer; (Vacant) and
  7. Magistral Delegate (Father Jeffrey Dire, KTGA)
  8. The Archbishop's Guard of St. Sebastian, Third Order
  9. The Knights of God, Apostolic

These members of the council advise the Metropolitan Archbishop and monitor moral purity in the orders.

Other Honorary Titles:

Additionally, titles of honor may be awarded by the Metropolitan Archbishop from the ranks of the separate and elite Archbishop's Guard. (For more information rfer to the Terminology list on the Metropolitan Archdiocese website. www.metroarchdiocese.orthcathchurch.com)

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Churches in Communion:

The Catholic Apostolic Orthodox Jerusalemite rite Church.

Communion of Autocephalous Ecclesiastical Jerusalemite and Primitive.(Holy Throne Primate) (+Alexander Maia, "Alexander I" current Primate)

The American Catholic Church, US, an Orthodox Catholic jurisdiction

Flag of the Third Order of the Lion of Styria (OLS)
Flag of the Third Order of the Lion of Styria (OLS)
Flag of the Third Order of the OLS